HOLLY JUNE by Jackie Gay

Holly June By Jackie Gay

Holly June, or Holly as she is known to her close friends, is a 9 year old, registered Miniature Schnauzer. The breed standard is 15-20 lbs. We think Holly is the “Pat” of Saturday Night Live of the Schnauzer world because she is 32 lbs. When she is clipped, she looks like a cross between a pot bellied pig and a baby hippopotamus. We got her from Sue Woodson, when her dog Cher had her first and last litter of puppies. (Editor’s Note: Sue Woodson seems to have influenced the horse show dog population considerably–has anyone noticed?) Holly seems to know that Sue is her Grandmother because she is always happy to see her at the shows. Holly has been one of the most perfect horseshow dogs ever. She is perfectly well mannered unless you have food, in which case she begs like a homeless, old, fat lady. She never has to have a leash and she makes every step that her daddy, Bobby Gay, makes. She comes when called and almost never walks off unless it is to investigate a tender, day old morsel. She was however thrown out of an arena in Arkansas because she yelped when a large, very hefty, loud- mouthed equestrienne stepped on her foot. Can you blame her? Holly also thinks it is her duty to help load the horses into the trailer. She waits underneath and then darts out and bites their legs. This has left her looking like a lopsided bulldog because she hung a tooth in some fetlock hair once and it pulled one of her canine teeth straight out to the side. One of Holly’s greatest thrills in life, other than food, is “camping out” in the LQ trailer. She gets to sleep in the bed with us. She will spend 15 minutes rootin and hootin and getting “our” nest fixed to her liking. Once fixed, she plops down and is like a large sandbag, unmovable for the rest of the night.

Holly was diagnosed with lung cancer in November, 2006. We thought she was near the end but with a healthy dose of Lasix and Theophyllin everyday she is doing great thanks to two of her favorite friends, Dr Ronnie Powers and Dr Sue Bradley. Hopefully there will be many more of horseshows in her future.

We now have a new Schnauzer, Roxanne, but rest assured, Holly is not about to let her take over yet.