TEDA by Donnie Carson

Teda, My Gift, My Joy By Donnie Carson

I have always loved dogs and horses. Fortunately, my parents always allowed us to have animals growing up. Prior to getting Teda, though, it had been a long time since I had had an inside dog. I was looking for an average size dog to hang out with me and follow me around. My mother had raised several litters of pups like Teda but I’d always resisted taking one mainly because Dale was insistent that we didn’t need an inside dog. One day, however, I happened to be at my mother’s when someone brought Teda back. They no longer had time for her because of their work schedule. She’d only been gone from my mother’s for a couple of weeks and was still a very small pup. As I stood in mother’s backyard admiring her flowers and shrubs, Teda approached me and looked up at me with the most loving eyes I have ever seen in any dog. My mother agreed to let me take her, although she reminded me that Dale would not be happy! Nonetheless, Teda eased her way into our home and has since stolen both of our hearts. She is such a joy. When I get home from work each day she meets me with one of my shoes at the back door, or races down the driveway so she can ride to the house with me. Recently, she lost her left eye to glaucoma but Teda is a trooper and has not missed a step. She continues to travel everywhere with us. Last year, Teda accompanied Dale and me on a 4000 mile round trip out west. I believe that Teda is God’s gift of joy to me.